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SAFE SHIELDS was bringing more than 15 years of experiences in Management planning, designing and operating the world’s largest INDUSTRIAL SECURITY network to every client and customer engagement. Our comprehensive portfolio of services was focused on helping our clients and customers to enable innovating service, evolve networks to support converged service, and enhance the customer experience, while reducing the operational cost.

” We are the reliable integrated security & safety system.
Not just security guard services “

SAFE SHIELDS is the best reliable OUT SOURCING SERVICE INDUSTRY in security and safety service area based on for you. The question is why? It is because SAFE SHIELDS has ten points:

  1. Was over in 15 years of experiences
    We was been very long in this field to know how to give the best for our clients/customers.
  2. Vision, Mission & Service Philosophy Commitment
    We fully understand & commit of how we serve our client’s/customer’s needs. Through our experiences, we always delivered our service along with our vision, mission & service philosophy to all Big Corporate, Groups and Individual Business People.
  3. Integrated System
    We use our own integrated security & safety system to all our Clients/Customers. It has been the best system for this industry since 15 years ago and still the best today.
  4. Service Philosophy Knowledgement
    We truly understand of service philosophy in order to give the best to our Clients/Customers and we are proud of ourselves.
  5. Customer Satisfaction Oriented
    We was been in this field for more than 20 years and we planned to go further more. This won’t happen unless our Clients/Customers have satisfied with what we give to them.
  6. Total Quality Management (TQM)
    We care with details & quality. We apply Standard Operating Procedure to all our staffs in order to improve our quality of service.
  7. Ethics
    We, SAFE SHIELDS, always apply the conduct of ethics in day to day activity bases.
  8. Financial Solvability
    We have good liquidity of cash flow & good capital adequacy ratio, therefore we are able to deliver competitive price and effectiveness & efficiency budge control.
  9. Long Term Business Oriented
    In every deal which we would like to make, we always apply our tradition which is ‘WIN – WIN SOLUTION and LONG TERM CONTRACT SERVICE’ regardless how hard the job will be
  10. Quality Control
    To optimize our service, we apply Special Quality Program which we invented and it’s been on for more than 15 years with excellence results which called QUALITY TQM 2000 PROGRAME. It’s been a positive outcome along with the positive responses came from our Clients/Customers.

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